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Name Search Facility

Please take the time to read this page before your first search - it will explain some things you will need to know.

This sounds complicated, but it isn't really - it just takes a long time to explain.  Don't be put off!

What happens when you use the names search facility link.

1.  You will see a list of surnames.
2.  Locate and click on the surname you are researching.
3.  You will see a list of first names with that surname.
4.  Note the 'Photo' number, if there is one.
5.  Click the surname link to take you to the that photograph or the page it appears on.

Memorial and gravestone photographs are displayed in alphabetical order.  If you cannot find the name you are looking for, look for the photo number instead (shown under the photograph).  Our search list covers documents as well as photographs, and these are indicated in the Photo column as, for example, 'Text' or 'Notes' etc.

We have recorded every name on every photograph.  Gravestones and memorials often have numerous names in the inscription but we only put the name of the person it is commemorating underneath the photograph.  This means you are names shown in the Names Search list may not show under the photograph, hence why we recommend you note the photograph number when doing a search.

Here is an example of what you may see

To the memory of
Elizabeth Ruddle Chandler
Relict of
Thomas Chandler
Formerly of Boxwell, and daughter of
John and Mary Browne
of Chisledon

Underneath the photograph will be written:
Elizabeth Ruddle CHANDLER (nee Browne)
D001 - 299k

The names search list will show entries for:

Elizabeth Ruddle Chandler (nee Browne)
Elizabeth Ruddle Browne (Mrs Chandler)
Thomas Chandler
John Browne
Mary Browne

The names of Thomas Chandler, Elizabeth, John and Mary Browne will not appear under the photograph.  Looking on a page for the Photo number will enable you to locate the correct photograph.

Finally, here's a request to you.  If you spot an error or find a link doesn't work, please tell us.  There are bound to be spelling mistakes, and incorrectly interpreted names from a badly worn inscription.  We can only put the matter right if we know about it!   Thank you.

Tip:  hold "shift" and click on link to open in new window

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