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Our Copyright Conditions
Our Photographs & Images

All our photographs and images (unless otherwise stated) at this website are copyrighted and belong to Duncan and Mandy Ball.

Basically we're happy for you to download our photographs (actually we're rather chuffed you think they're good enough).  And provided they are just for you and not being sold on in any form, they are free.

But we do have a few conditions (rules) just to make it clear:
1.  Photographs for your own personal use are free of charge.
2.  No photograph/image should be used for financial and/or commercial gain.
3.  An acknowledgement to 'D. & M. Ball' should be shown (most photos have this on them).
4.  Some photographs were provided by other people and must not be copied without their permission.
You are welcome to share our photographs on Social Media but please acknowledge where you got them from.  If you don't want to do that, then don't post our photographs.

We don't charge you for copying our photographs (for your own personal use) - but  donations  are gratefully received!

If you would like to use a photograph for commercial use, please contact us.

Pages, Text, & Code
All pages, text & coding, (unless otherwise stated) at this website are copyright Duncan and Mandy Ball and should not be copied without prior permission from us.

Wiltshire Collections - Aubrey/Jackson book
Although the book is no longer covered by copyright regulations, the copyright of the images of the book used at this website belong to Mandy Ball.  You may not sell any of these images but you may copy them for your own personal use.

You may reproduce the information contained in the book ~ the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society who produced the book ask that you please place an acknowledgement to them with your copy.

                                         Thank You,
Mandy & Duncan

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