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Contact Us By Email

Please note - if you email us make sure to add our address to your 'safe list'. 
We always reply to a message so if you don't receive one, please check your spam folder.

We receive many emails and it can take a long time to reply to them - time that should be used adding more photographs to this site (we currently have over 28 thousand of them waiting to go on).

Before you contact us, please bear in mind we simply take photographs and that is all.
So, we politely request you do not:
- ask for information about people or places - we have no more information to offer you.
- ask us to help with your family history research or how you should go about that research.
Please be aware:
- emails with attachments are often deleted by our server's anti-virus/spam software.
- emails with perceived offensive words are automatically deleted by our server.
Please include in your message:
- something in the 'Subject' heading relating to your message.
- the name/location of the church or place you are writing about.
If you want to email us, click the link:  info@oodwooc.co.uk

If you do write to us, please be assured we will reply although it may take some time.  This is not a business, it is our hobby and it has to fit around our already busy lives.

                                         Thank You,
Mandy & Duncan

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