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 Holy Cross 
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Incumbents of Holy Cross, Ramsbury, Wiltshire

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Incumbents of Holy Cross, Ramsbury

1322 Simon de Chadeleshunte
1331 Gilbertus Ledrede
1348 William de Snoweshull
1366 John Cray
1404 William Holtham
1414 John Columbe
Wilfrid Lincoln
1424 William Halghtone
1425 Robert Heyler
1457 John Byngham
1463 John Bateman
1468 James Cotterell
1488 Thomas Wylykyson
1518 Richard Arche
1548 William Carvissar
1599 John Wilde
1663 John Wilson
1680 Benjamin Malden
1685 Thomas Hawes
1717 Thomas White
1737 Richard Garrad
1786 Edward Meyrick
1811 Edward Graves Meyrick
1839 J. Dundas
1840 J. Hawkins
1872 Harry Baber
1892 Weston B. Davis
1906 Thomas Cooper
1908 William Alexander White
1917 Arthur Wellesley Orr
1923 Edward S. Shuttleworth
1931 George Howard Hackett
1938 Phillip Humphrey Hall
1947 Herbert John Treasure
1958 Howard Littleton Philp
1973 John Treharne Davis
1982 Frank Sears
1991 Robert Keith Hyatt

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Picture of Bishops List
1974-1988 John Neale
1989-1998 Peter St. George Vaughan
1999 Peter Fearnley Hullah

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