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Ayliffe Monument at St. John the Baptist, Foxley, Wiltshire

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In a vault near this place lies the body of
GEORGE AYLIFFE of this place Esq.
He married JUDITH STRANGEWAYS of Malbury Sanfford
in the County of DORSETT Esq.
By whom he had 5 children, 2 Sons & 3 Daughters,
He died March ye 3d 1712
Aged 71
Also JUDITH his Wife,
who died June ye 3d 1716
Aged 75
And likewise JOHN Son of the aforsaid
GEORGE & JUDITH AYLIFFE died March ye 11th 1721
Aged 74

Mine eye also is dim by Reason of sorrow
and all my members are as a shadow

Job 17. v.7
O death, where is thy sting? O grave,
where is thy Victory.
The Sting of death is son; and the strength
of sin is the law.
1st Corinthians 15 Chap: 55 & 56 Verses

This Tomb was Erected by his Daughters

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