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Incumbents List at Christ Church, Derry Hill, Wiltshire

Incumbents of Derry Hill

1840-1845 Stafford Brown
1845-1848 John Lowder
1848-1856 Boulton Brander
1856-1871 Henry Mordaunt Fletcher
1871-1889 William Henry Hitchcock
1889-1925 Alfred Lovell Scott
1925-1931 Francis Parker Crosse
1931-1937 Pendennis John Hayes
1937-1945 Basil C. D. Palmer
1945-1949 Lional Bell
1950-1969 Leslie W. G. Hudson
1969-1976 Christopher Brinkworth
1976-1981 Christopher J. F. Rutledge
1981-1983 John Howell
1983-1989 Selwyn Swift
1990-2000 J. Robin Cardwell

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