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A Bit About Us

We are Duncan and Mandy Ball.  We live in Wiltshire, England, a most beautiful place if sometimes a little wet!


My main interests are family history (hence this site), computers, and sports - particularly cricket and football.  Yes, I'm one of those very rare breeds - a Swindon Town supporter (or should that be sufferer).  I've worked in computing since leaving school (yes they did have computers in those days and no they weren't still using paper tape!) which has been handy when programing this website.

My professional background is in secretarial skills and I am currently work part time for a charity.  I enjoy being organised and hope my skills and attention to detail mean I am good at my job, whether paid or unpaid.  I have three hobbies but not enough time to persue them as much as I'd like.  I cannot put them in order of preference because they each give me pleasure in different ways and I could not be without any of them.

Singing.  I have been a member of the  Swindon Scratch Choir  since 2002 and what a pleasure it is to belong to such an enthusiastic and welcoming group.  We sing a cappella, usually in four-part harmony, and have a varied repetoire.  Sheer joy!

Websites.  Choosing colours, making buttons, editing pictures and dealing with people, all combine to make creating websites an enjoyable experience.  Producing this website is possibly the most enjoyable though - we get to spend days out in the beautiful countryside taking photographs.  Now when the sun shines I get itchy feet, I want to go out and take photographs.

Genealogy.  I never have enough time to do this justice - all those loose ends that need sorting and documenting.  I think it satisfies my organising gene when I have made sense of records and am able to add a new branch or information to my family.

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