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Saints Peter & Paul, Great Somerford, Wiltshire

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War Memorial (outside)

War Memorial (inside)

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Great Somerford is about 4 miles south east of Malmesbury.   The Parish church is dedicated to the Saints Peter and Paul, and is built of a most attractive, warm coloured stone.   The whole setting is peaceful and welcoming, and the church yard well maintained.

A folder inside the church has details of the   burials   in the church yard.   We have taken the names (and dates if given) from the folder but no other details;   although we tried to copy all the names correctly, we are only human! so may have made mistakes (if you spot one, please let us know).

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War Memorial in village
Also see memorial inside church
August 2002
(14 - 194k)

Weir on River Avon
August 2002 (281k)

Cottage adjacent Church driveway
August 2002(244k)

St. Peter & St. Paul
April 2000 (385k)

April 2000 (659k)

April 2000 (95k)

August 2000 (473k)

August 2000 (68k)

August 2002 (29k)

August 2000 (73k)

Tree planted in memory of W. Cecil GIBBINGS
August 2002
(D071 - 115k)

Presentation by the PORTER family
August 2000
(D41 - 192k)

Methodist Chapel

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Primitive Methodist
April 2000 (315k)

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